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MaxPulse shows heart stress and load, strength, heart rate and pulse, heart resiliency, athlesclerosis risks, workload flexibility, and other artery health data. The MaxPulse puts a report in clients' hands, and provides your practice with an effective and powerful L-Argenine amino acid matrix that dramatically causes blood pressure to drop without statins! Patients are stunned with the drastic improvements in pressure and cardio health...

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The Reports Sell the Service!

Solid Proof Convinces

MaxPulse has a built-in report program with professional outcome graphs detailing heart-risk factors for patients to review and keep. When they return for their check-up, 100% of the patients show improvement in blood pressure and cardio health factors. Pro Argi-9 Plus reduces blood pressure without the dangers of statins, and is backed by Nobel Prize-winning science, and clinical research!

"I was thinking about closing my doors and selling my decompression tables. I could not get people into my business. But that's ALL changed now. Everybody loves doing the MaxPulse, and I get tons of referrals from clients that are seeing their blood pressure drop like a rock. When people see their blood pressure fall that fast OFF PRESCRIPTION MEDS... they can't wait to tell their parents (older retired), friends and neighbors. II LOVE that!"
Thanks Forever,
Dr. K.L.Thule, Little Rock
"I was looking around the internet for ways I to make money and nothing looked real to me. Using the MAX Pulse is a stroke of genius, because it's easy to operate, patients want it, and I sell TONS of product in an direst marketing format that I have never considered before. I'm making money off the service, but my business is making over $7K more a month in increased chiropractic from traffic created by my screenings.The best advertising I ever invested in. You definitely have the formula down."
This is incredible!,
Dr. K White, Washington DC

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You already have a business, so take avantage of your assets, and use them to make even more money. As a service provider, you can dramatically increase your income by simply expanding your service mix to include the things people want and need, but can't easily find. Your business location in your built-in cash machine. Why not invite people to your place of business to get more of what they need from you?

Products and Services!

As healthcare gets even more confusing and complex, the opportunity becomes ever greater for practitioners, doctors of chiropractic, naturopaths, and sports therapists to increase their income by not only expanding their service mix but by reselling quality publications and supplements that keep families out of the ER and docs office. Why not invite people to your place of business, and to buy from your online store to get more of what they need from you? There's every reason for YOUR BUSINESS TO MAKE MORE MONEY VIRALLY ONLINE. The time tos start increasing your income is today. You have nothing to lose!.

Quick Start Pricing!

Unlike many "grow-your-income-opportunities" that want you to buy an expensive $20,000 device, the MaxPulse is actually affordable. This quality professional grade device is a compact model of the more complex device used by hospitals. By adding in the Free Omron cuff, you have a quality service at a digestible price you can make back your first month.* We also have affordably-prived lasers complete with protocols for many conditions that can be healed effectively right in your office.Get started today an be making more money and growing your practice with a minimal investment.

Marketing Tools!

With every MaxPlus™ order, you receive a FREE Omron Blood Pressure Set worth over $100.00! You can also order all of the marketing tools, such a our Blood Pressure Chart, explanatory AthlescerosisCharts, and exam outcome 3-part NCR Health Detail to send your patients home with their readings, and more.

Simply visit to order your custom files and/or print. Our Art Department will insert your logo, address, phone numbers, and any other needed information... then send the digital files to you. Or, if you like, we can custom your print the job, print it on the IncomeStream's™ digital press, and send it right to your door.


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